Mounting set

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A set of brackets to facilitate the installation of your Tikee camera.

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Expand your Tikee fixing options with this mounting set. Includes:

  • 4 pegs UX 6x35,
  • 4 M4 washers,
  • 4 wood screws 4x20,
  • 1 level,
  • 2 metal collars with a maximum diameter of 350mm
  • 2 rubber strips, thickness 2mm, length 1099mm, width 20mm.

Plugs and screws allow the arm to be fixed in concrete, and in general, hollow or solid walls. For this it will be necessary to have a drill/drill and a drill bit of 6mm diameter (not supplied).

The screws also allow fixing to wooden structures. The screws are pozidriv screws so a cross-head or pozi screwdriver is required (not supplied).

The metal clamps are adjustable and are used to hold the arm on round, rectangular, triangular structures, any polygon in fact within a perimeter of 1099 mm max or diameter 350 mm. They can be tightened with a flat or cross-headed screwdriver or a 7 mm spanner. Then the excess length can be cut off with a pair of pliers.

The rubber bands are to protect the support on which the clamps will be placed. They can also be cut to length with a cutter/scissors… (not included)



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Weight 0.4 kgs
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 3.5 cm
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Mounting set for time lapse cameras Tikee


Are you looking for the best mounting sets? Need help finding the right mounting sets? Put your best foot forward and make it happen with Enlaps. It provides you with a mounting set time lapse camera that holds your Tikee camera rock-solid on the point you selected. The most vital holding accessories for cameras ever made!  

Finally! A way to take your time lapse photography to the next level. With a mounting set time-lapse camera, you'll be able to capture high-quality videos in any weather or environment without worrying about your camera not being stable. Let’s dive into detail.


Picking up the Right Mounting Set

Suppose you want to take breathtaking pictures and videos. In that case, the mounting set time lapse camera is an essential accessory to give your shots that professional feel. It allows you to capture hands-free photos and stabilize moving objects, not to mention let you follow the action without worrying too much about your equipment.

Enlaps has come up with a way to mount your Tikee camera on any surface easily. The mounting sets are so simple to install that there is no need to capture your time lapse subjects perfectly. Setting up your Tikee time lapse camera is now as simple as screwing the mount to the surface and adjusting quickly.


Keeping your time lapse camera tight and sturdy

A well-adjusted camera is one in which there are no wiggles in the picture. Stabilizing the time-lapse camera is essential because changes can occur in the image when it is not placed in one place properly when shooting. With an Enlaps mounting set for the Tikee time lapse camera, you can avoid these problems.

Just attaching your camera to something, so it cannot move around isn’t enough. If it doesn’t stay on the surface, ideally of the material you’re shooting, the images will be blurry and disorienting. That makes your finished product less fun to watch!

Here is where the Enlaps mounting set comes to the rescue. The mounting set for the time lapse camera includes screws and plugs that fit into the camera, allowing you to mount it onto the clamp that holds everything together. Of course, you need to make a drill of 6 mm diameter to insert a plug & screw into it. 

The mounting set is for fixing your Tikee camera to wooden structures such as fence posts, tall plants, and similar or non-wooden surfaces such as brickwork.

The mounting set is a very light and compact product, making it easy to carry with you. It includes metal clamps that are easily adjustable, which means that you can attach the Tikee time lapse camera to almost anything that has a round, rectangular, triangular shape with up to 99 arms of 3 m in length each. 


The mounting set is a crucial accessory for your Tikee timelapse camera.

Tikee time lapse camera is undoubtedly a fantastic device - it's easy to use, indeed versatile, compact, adjusts to any terrain or conditions. But even the best product can be made better! These are the reasons why Enlaps has discovered the mounting set for the time-lapse camera.  It is not only a smart upgrade for your Tikee but also a must-have accessory that will make timelapse filming easier, more stable, and safer for you and your device.

Whether your time lapse camera works on a car, tripod, or somewhere else, you always need something to mount it on. You can use this simple and affordable mounting set for any kind of timelapse camera you have. For the latest and most trustworthy mounting set by Enlaps, we’ve got you covered.

Enlaps is delighted to present to you its mounting set for time lapse cameras! With this easy-to-use set, it will become much easier to fix your Tikee camera. The elements will assure that the camera is mounted or well-fixed in every condition, no matter how complex the requirements are. 

Get yourself a mounting set for the Tikee time lapse camera today itself and enjoy the state-of-the-art technology that Enlaps delivers to you for an affordable low price. It’s an easy-to-use handheld mounting set designed for users, especially those like you who use the Tikee time lapse camera. 


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