Stainless steel Arm

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Stainless steel mounting arm to set Tikee cameras wherever you want with a durable, adjustable and rotatable 360 ° bracket.


(Tikee camera not included)






More Information
Weight 0.5 kgs
Materials A2 Stainless steel fixing arm
Anodized Aluminium Spherical Joint
A2 Stainless steel screws
Dimensions 5 × 16 × 12 cm
Mounting system On wall with 4x screws + dowel
On tubular structure or mast with 2 metal clamps

Stainless-Steel Mounting Arm For a Tikee Camera

The Stainless-Steel Arm for your Tikee time-lapse camera will enable you to mount and fix your camera wherever you wish to a wall, floor, door, the seat of a driver or passenger in a vehicle, the steering wheel, front or rear mirror, or any tubular structure. Its main purpose is to help you take full control and adjust the front view of your camera like a pro. You can easily control the placement of the front view of your time-lapse camera because of its full 360 degrees head rotation, -30/ 15 degrees vertical side tilt, and -15/ +15 degrees horizontal tilt. It will also ensure sturdy mounting of the camera as it is installed with a durable fixing arm, head joint, a metal clamp, and screws.

The Stainless-Steel Arm will give you the opportunity of mounting your Tikee time-lapse camera to a vehicle. It gives a more stable recording when attached to important points. 


Stainless-Steel Arm Specifications

The Stainless-Steel Arm can be installed on a wall with a screw anchor or any tubular structure or mast with metal clamps. Its dimension details are 5 x 6 x 12 cm and weight info is 0.5 kg. It is built with a special full power 360-degree rotating joint system, and an adjustable tilt to allow the camera to be rotated and adjusted freely. Maximum loading is at 3 kg, and you can also mount any device other than the Tikee camera because of its standard mounting system compatible with 1/4" thread. 


Where to Put the Stainless Steel Mounting Arm?

This is a great apparatus for your Tikee time-lapse camera. Here are a few ideas on where to mount it:

  • On a tubular structure showing the view of your construction site and for quick adjustment of position, so your camera will capture important details within its full 360-degrees proximity.
  • On a wall where you want your camera to capture time-lapse images for an event, or so.
  • On the door of your house if you want to capture time-lapse images of your outside environment.

Basically, you can just install it wherever you want as long as possible. It is always at hand for outdoor adventures. Be as creative as you want with this Stainless Steel Mounting Arm.


How to Install the Stainless Steel Mounting Arm?

The Stainless Steel Arm is easy to install where you only need 4 screw anchors to attach it to a wall or a metal clamp for a tubular structure. And its adjustable slider fits almost any type and style of a tubular handlebar. 

As for the Tikee time lapse camera, you can mount it onto the steel arm with just the twist of the handle. Insert it into the stainless steel mounting arm and turn it clockwise until it stays in place. Your Tikee camera is now securely attached in place and ready to capture images. The ball head, with a 360-degree rotating base, will then allow you to adjust your camera in any direction.  

Stainless Steel Arm is definitely worth buying to secure the attachment of your Tikee time lapse camera.

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Stainless steel Arm