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The best AI has to offer in project monitoring

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Warning ⚠ It isn't possible to have different myTikee offers on a single myTikee account. To have access to the Unlimited features, you need as many Unlimited subscriptions as there are Tikee cameras connected to your account.



The best AI has to offer in project monitoring, from content creation to data analysis



A universal platform for creating and visualizing your images for communication and project monitoring. Benefit from the best automated generated 6K quality immersive content portfolios and AI dashboards to analyze and visualize all datas of your project. With myTikee Unlimited, you get the most advanced and complete offer for your images captured either by Tikee cameras or IP cameras.



myTikee Unlimited Essentials


AI Dashboard and activity scores


3D BIM model integration on myTikee

All Storytelling Features

Portfolios / Smart Filtering / Viewsfeed / Control Room / Advanced Sharing / Timelapse Builder Advanced

All Reporting Features

AI Dashboard with : Graphs / Analytics / Detections and identifications / Heatmap visualization


Select and hide GDPR-compliant areas on images, or benefit from automatic blurring of people in the image.
Blurring activated on request, click here for more information

Sharing with access control

Manage a password-protected access for key project resources (IA Dashboard, Portfolio) using a defined user list.

Procore Connector

Easily integrate your IA myTikee Portfolios and Dashboards with Procore construction management software.

Live Streaming Video

Access the live video stream at any time with any of the Tikee camera's sensors! (Tikee 3 PRO+ only)

3D BIM model integration

View the 3D model of your building in situ and compare the progress of your project with it.



myTikee Storytelling Essentials

Here is an example of a portfolio.

Navigate between the different tabs and views by using the arrows in the top right menu.



myTikee Reporting Essentials

For optimal performance of our Artificial Intelligence detection and classification algorithms, we recommend respecting the following maximum distances (given as an indication):


  • L and M resolution (6K and 4K): approx. 100m for civil and construction vehicles / approx. 40m for people and their Personal Protective Equipment
  • Resolution S (FullHD): approx. 78m for civil and construction vehicles / approx. 27m for people and their Personal Protective Equipment


As any AI-based system, the displayed results may include errors, artefacts, wrongly detected or classified items. Enlaps disclaims all liability about the use made of the provided data.




More Information
All Storytelling features
Maximum video rendering resolution 6K
Maximum number of images hosted on myTikee account Up to 100,000 images per camera
Image transfer to FTP Automatic transfer of images to the FTP server of your choice
Choice of lens(es) to create a project Viewpoints from left, right, or panoramic Tikee images
Camera fleet dashboard Dashboard for managing your camera fleet and anomaly alerts (by email) / Navigation between viewpoints using a map
Advanced sharing features Private or public sharing of the advanced viewing gallery (panoramic view, immersive view, before/after comparison, favorites), portfolios, and timelapse videos of your choice
Viewsfeed Automatically select and generate content every day
Timelapse Builder Advanced One-click creation of a professional-quality timelapse with advanced image processing and our best photo selection algorithms (advanced options: spherical pan&zoom, custom watermark, stabilization, automatic video enhancement with AI)
Masking Selection of areas to be masked on timelapse videos - GDPR compliance
All Reporting features
Anonymization Blurring of people on timelapse videos - GDPR compliance
AI Dashboard : Dashboards generated specifically to help professionals analyze data for an optimal project monitoring.
Graphs Follow on a selected period the evolution of the number of people, their personal protective equipment, civil vehicles and construction machinery to understand the site dynamics.
PPE detection Detection of Personal Protective Equipment (helmets, vests and visibility pants)
Class detections Detection of people, vehicles, and construction equipment
Activity Score Measure the level of activity on the construction site to optimize resources and plan timelines
Safety Score Verify on-site compliance with personal protective equipment to ensure safety guidelines are followed.
Heatmaps Visualize the spatial distribution of detections as a heatmap
Unlimited features
Sharing with access control Manage secure password access to key project resources (AI Dashboard, Portfolio) based on a defined user list
Procore Connector Easily integrate with a dedicated connector your Portfolios and ai Dashboard on Procore construction management software

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