Environment and sustainable development


In view of the electronic nature of our product and its significant environmental impact, Enlaps strives to implement several other means of reducing this impact.

Local Economy


22 of our suppliers are located in France, including 11 in Isère, where Enlaps is based.

Tikees recycling

When your Tikee camera is no longer usable, or you want to upgrade to the next model, Enlaps offers to take it back in exchange for a credit that you can use on your next purchase.

If the camera is no longer in working order, we'll take care of recycling it responsibly.


Planet Watch by Enlaps


In 2022, Enlaps has decided to make its Tikee solution available to the scientific community as part of an initiative called Planet Watch by Enlaps. This project was initiated at COP26 by Heidi Sevestre (glaciologist, communications director at ICPP, project coordinator at AMAP). This initiative enables us to analyze the evolution of different glaciers around the world, and to centralize research on them.